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Objet Design : relecture du sofa Eames

Objet Design : relecture du sofa Eames - Modularoom - Nathalie Zefel

Le designer américain Matthew Strong nous présente le "Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa", une relecture du sofa Eames réalisé en fibre de carbone. Une pièce qui conserve le piétement de bois et les fixations métalliques, pour accueillir une coque de carbone légère et élégante.

Sur ce projet, le designer Matthew Strong précise :

"Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa is the result of extensive research on the historical and theoretical relationships between furniture and architecture at the archives at The Henry Ford Museum, Cranbrook Academy of Art, and MoMA.

The form is based on a series of prototypes of a sofa, roughly modeled on a stretched Eames fiberglass shell armchair, in the archival collection at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The sofa, under development sometime in the late 50's, went through several iterations each thicker than the last until the shell was almost 3/4 of an inch thick and so heavy it was difficult to move. At this point it was abandoned and only one fully upholstered model was ever completed.

The Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa imagines the lost prototype reborn using the most modern materials and the most traditional methods. It is woven out of 12k carbon fiber tow using a modified chair seat caning pattern. Weighing in at single digits, the modified weaving pattern adds substantial strength to the design and helps with cross-bond adhesion. In the spirit of the Eames' design philosophy, the sofa's transparency lays bare its own construction methodology, and allows visual access to every part of the sofa, giving it an aesthetic coherence that feels both uncanny and curiously natural."